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What Others are Saying...

From E.M.L. in Wichita, KS

During the session I was so very relaxed and comfortable I'm pretty sure that I fell asleep at times.  I saw beautiful crystalline lights at different times during the process.  A beautiful crystalline blue shimmering and a brilliant bright red.  There were others but I think I was going in and out of conscious awareness.  I did feel the energy working on my body in different places.  Also felt like I was floating at times.  It was very pleasant and comforting to me.  I am anxious to see what time will tell about the changes in my body and awareness.

Thank you so much for making this available to the Wichita area.

From D. S. in Wichita, KS
"Thank you so much for making this available to the Wichita area"

"It's a life changer. After leaving I could not believe the colors and the richness of the wind , sky, trees..   I could feel, taste, smell all of it!!! Was AMAZING!!   My high lasted for at least 3 hours .  I have never felt such Love  and assurance  from my Divine, was like finding my long lost best friend.  Funny, she-he just simply stepped out of my heart...., there all the time,  I had closed that door..... Thank you for thinking of me, was meant to be. Namaste"



From S. D. in Wichita, KS

"I've had rapid and transformational healing and growth following the use of crystal light therapy.  Each of the four sessions were very different and facilitated the healing necessary at that time.  Emotions that had been blocking my desired state of being where brought to my awareness to be released.  The result.....a deeper connection to myself and source energy, clarity and vision regarding my life purpose, and positive change within my life.  I highly recommend you try this phenomenal healing's beyond explanation!"  


From Sandy in Tulsa, OK

"After getting settled in and taking a few deep breaths I felt a group of healers/master that I think of as the "A-Team" come in and start working. They immediately worked on my heart chakra. I felt great fullness, lots of healing and comfort. It felt like I was getting a hug from God in my heart, it was very peaceful and calming. They then moved to my right jaw where I've had TMJ problems the last 7 months or so and previously had an accident on that side of my face as a teen. They then moved to my third eye chakra and spent considerable time there. Then onto my eyes, neck and maybe a few other areas of my body.


I then felt the "a-Team" leave and the "B-Team" stepped in. We had a conversation about trust. I admitted that I believed this type of healing worked but wasn't sure it could work on my jaw. They assured me it would if I trusted the, I agreed and then opened my heart and soul to them. They continued to work on my jaw and other areas of my head and face. They washed my body in healing energy for awhile, then told me their work was done and to relax and enjoy. Just a couple minutes later the session was over.


Afterwards, I was so energized but extremely relaxed all at the same time. I love the feeling. I felt that way for several hours and then I got tired and needed to rest. My jaw and whole head has felt very relaxed and "different" since then. I don't have the unconscious clenching that I did. Overall I feel extremely peaceful, happy and hopeful and I cannot wait to experience it again!


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