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Sacred Hand Readings


Sacred Hand Readings are an Intuitive and Artistic interpretation of your inner world.  Personal characteristics, power animals and elements of nature are just a few of the images that can show up for you.  They represent who you are on a deeper level and they also may contain messages for.  


These unique creations of art are brought to life by local Wichita artist Ju-Lynda Vaughn.  For more information on her and her artwork or to purchase an original piece, visit her webpage - Ju-Lynda Vaughn Art

What to Expect...

The actual reading takes approximately 15-30 minutes to complete. During this time an outline is taken of your hand. Ju-Lynda then holds your hand for any impressions that come through and notes and sketches are taken.

From this interaction, images are drawn into and around your hand outline.  Each image has a meaning that is important only to you. As each image is worked on, more of it's meaning is revealed and transformed into a beautiful custom piece of art along with a typed description of each element.  


PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the detailed nature of each piece, the final illustration takes approximately 3-4 days to complete as this is basically a commissioned piece of art.  Finished artwork can be mailed or if you are in the Wichita area it can be delivered.  Final image size is 9x12 and unframed.  Commissions/readings are completed on a 'first come, first commissioned basis'


"Thank you so much for the Sacred hand Reading. I received it in the mail today. I read aloud your interpretation to my wife and could not get through it without tears of recognition falling from my eyes. Thank you for sharing this blessing with me."

A.H., Colorado

"Wow, you nailed it.  The description you gave is exactly how my dad was"

B.R., Wichita, KS

Intuitive Illustrations


Let your hidden story be illustrated.  Commissioned artwork to spark the unseen side of things.  Artwork can be based on a feeling, favorite subject or personality.  Contact Ju-Lynda below to get started!


Artist retains all rights to the finished artwork.  No prints are sold of Sacred Hand Readings.  


Contact Ju-Lynda for more information

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