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Past Life Regression



One of Belle’s passions is facilitating private sessions as well as classes designed to assist others in lifting up their unique skills and the dreams of their Sacred Heart in service to their Greatest
and Highest Good.


Through her work, she has learned that individuals who come to the session with an intention to resolve issues and move forward have within them all they need to fulfill that intention.

Belle works intuitively by offering herself as a conduit for whatever energy and guidance best serve
the individual in a given situation. Her role in facilitating sessions for others, as she understands it, is to support them in The Art of Manifesting Your Whole Self, with as much grace, ease, and inspiration as possible.


She believes compassion, gratitude, and respect for all expressions of Life serve each individual in connecting consciously with their talents and with the Divine within them. That conscious connection also serves and has an impact on each aspect of creation and makes it easier, in a way, for others to make the choice to resolve their issues. Thus allowing each of us to affect change in the outer world.

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