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John of God Crystal Healing Bed



Crystal light therapy combines the power of color, light and crystals. As the color is transmitted through the crystals onto the body, it's internal energy centers or chakras, are cleansed, energized and brought back into balance.


A Crystal bed session can assist in the healing process, whether its mental, spiritual, emotional or physical.  People have had profound experiences with one or multiple sessions. Crystal Light Therapy packages have been designed for those seeking total body alignment and balance. If you purchase a package you may share sessions with family and friends or you may gift sessions from your package.


The number of sessions someone can have depends on the individuals level of health and their reason for having Crystal Light Therapy.  If someone is very ill then sessions can be as many as 2-3 per week until their level of health increases.  If an individual is having sessions for spiritual reasons, then 1-2 sessions weekly is adequate.  Still others prefer to come when they feel the need and others come once a month as a preventative to help them stay 'tuned-up'.  (Pregnancies are ok)


What is a Crystal Therapy session like?


Crystal Light Therapy is safe and non-invasive. The person receiving the "Crystal Bed Healing" simply removes their shoes, all metal jewelry and crystals.  You then lay down fully clothed on a massage table below the suspended crystals, so that each of the seven crystals aligns to their corresponding chakra. Once the person is comfortable, a white cloth is placed over their eyes, soft music begins and the pulsating lights are turned on.  All that is needed is for you to relax, breathe and allow.

Want the John of God Bed in your area?

Center of You is available to visit your area so your community can experience the John of God Crystal Healing Bed. Contact Barbara Rice for details and requirements.

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