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Sacred Hand Readings


Sacred Hand Readings are an artistic and personal way for you to see what is surrounding you and within you, waiting to be experienced.  It reveals a segment of your soul so that you will always know how Divinely amazing you are.


These unique creations of art are brought to life by local Wichita artist Ju-Lynda Vaughn.  For more information on her and her artwork or to purchase an original piece, visit her webpage - Ju-Lynda Vaughn Art

Sacred Hand Reading

The actual reading takes approximately 30min-1hr to complete. During this time an outline is taken of your hand. Ju-Lynda then holds your hand for any impressions that she picks up. Notes and sketches are taken

From this interaction, images are drawn into your hand outline.  Each image has a meaning that is important only to you. As each image is worked on, more of it's meaning is revealed and transformed into a beautiful custom piece of art along with a typed description of each artistic element.



Final image size: 9x12 unframed

Sweet Heart Hands

The perfect expression love


This also makes a anniversay gift.  Sweet Heart Hands are similar to the Sacred Hand readings with the addition of another person. 


Two readings in one so to speak.  Each persons energy is artistically interpertted and joined together in a unique piece of artwork.


Would make a stand-out wedding invite!


Sweet Heart Hands can take approximately 1-2 weeks to complete.


Final image size: 11x14 unframed

Favorite Hands

You tell Ju-Lynda what your favorite thing is (animal, idea, name it) and she re-creates it in her own unique style in a pre-drawn hand outline.

Regular Favorite: hand outline and related images.

Deluxe Favorite: hand outline, related images and full background

Favorite Hands can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks to complete depending on the level of detail.


Final image size: 9x12 unframed

Sacred Hand Reading..............  $40.00
Sweet Heart Hands.................  $80.00
Favorite Hand........................   $40.00
Deluxe Favorite Hand.... .........  $60.00



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