Barbara Rice


Barbara Rice has been on a journey of growth spiritually, energetically and practically for nearly 40 years. The journey has called her to many parts of the US to learn from Native teachers, to the Shamans, rain forests and healings of South America, the profound spiritual connections of North Africa and the deep inner work of the ancient cultures in India.


For the past five years Barbara has been involved in working with people to who desire to grow internally through very practical and powerful processes such as Deeksha, Meditation, Sacred Chambers, 4 Baskets Processes, Ancestral Workshops and now the John of God Crystal Healing Bed.


Barbara's light-hearted nature, sense of humor, and years of experience make her relatable, practical, grounded and heart centered. She is interested in your well-being and helping you grow in the discovery of your true self.


Barbara Rice Oneness Sacred Chambers